French at Glendon


We know that French can sometimes be a little complicated to learn, if it is a second or third language. Glendon offers many services to help students, learn, practice and upkeep this new skill!

Le salon francophone
Offered by the French department and by current students FOR students, this is a great opportunity to practice what you learn in class. They are located near the Breezeway, in B127. You are always welcome to walk in and ask them questions, or simply have a conversation with them to brush up on your conjugation, grammar, and more.

Bilingual Buddies
Our VP Bilingual is hard at work to offer bilingual activities both for francophone and Anglophone students. Throughout these events, you will be paired up with a native speaker in the language you are trying to learn. Keep an eye out for Bilingual Buddies events organized throughout the year!

There are also many resources offered by staff and faculty here at Glendon. There is the Writing Centre located in the Centre of Excellence (A118) and you will be able to consult them for help with English and sometimes French assignments. Additionally, professors are more than happy to help you if you visit them on their office hours! We are constantly trying to update our resources and opportunities to make French easier to learn.

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