Glendon Music Ensemble

Glendon Musical Ensemble

General Manager: Lea Leung
Instrumental Director: Ashley Moniz
Choir Director: Suzi Hyun
Assistant: Lopana Saga

The Glendon Musical Ensemble is a student run organization consisting of vocalists and instrumentalists. Established in 1999, GME allows students to share their passion for music with other like-minded individuals while being able to focus on their academic studies and passions simultaneously. Under new management and direction, our executive team promises that this year, which happens to be our 15th Anniversary, GME will be unlike ever before. We meet every week on Thursday evenings to rehearse in preparation of our two bilingual concerts: one Christmas themed show at the end of first term and our main concert in February.

We will be holding auditions during the last week of September, then rehearsing every Thursday afterwards. Our Christmas show will be held either at the beginning of the exam period or just before. After that, we will be working towards our main concert. This year’s theme for our big show is “Seasons of Love”, expressing and telling stories about different types of love. This year, we plan to take GME’s presence on campus a few steps further by performing sets at different events in collaboration with other levied organizations. There will be a performance in honour of the 50th Anniversary of the Glendon Athletic Centre taking place on September 20th.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ensemble, please send an email to the address below to schedule an audition. You can also go to our listed website or Facebook page for more information about us. If you are not musically inclined but still want to get in on the action or collaborate on an event, you are more than welcome to come and see our performances. We will be keeping the school updated on our activities and appearances so that everyone is more than welcome to come out and see our performances. Hope to see you all during the year!

Facebook: Glendon Music Ensemble – Ensemble Musical de Glendon

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